Murray’s Fair Hair is located in Huis van Groen in Weimarstraat, The Hague.

There are other ‘green’ hairdressers located here.
Murray's Fair Hair, Groene kapper, Huis van Groen, kapsalon, Weimarstraat, Den Haag
At Huis van Groen, you will find a wonderful environment, relaxing music and good coffee and tea. As we only work with natural products, you will only experience the aromas from our work with these ‘green’ products and not the usual chemical smells of regular hairdressing salons.

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Locatie Murray's Fair Hair


Huis van Groen
Weimarstraat 42A
2562 GZ The Hague

KvK-nummer: 27364375
BTW-nummer: NL 099299458 B01

Murray’s Fair Hair:

Telefoon mobiel Murray's Fair Hair   0653 - 512 842

Opening hours

   Murray's Fair Hair werkplek, kaptafel


08:00  - 13:00


08:00  - 13:00


08:00  - 13:00